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Brand - Melalong by Ajanta Pharma Composition - Hydroquinone+Tretinoin Cream Common Brand - Melalong Cream, Melacare Forte Cream

Melalong Cream, Melacare Forte Cream

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Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream may be described and is classified therapeutically as a de-pigmenting agent. Hydroquinone may be described as a melanocytotoxic chemical which is partly used to formulate the Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream, oxidizing melanocytes thus producing highly toxic compounds, such as quinones. These cytotoxic compounds present within the medication are responsible for the destruction of pigment cells, resulting in skin de-pigmentation. The pigment cells are capable of protecting themselves against cytotoxic agents present within the Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream by intracellular glutathione (GSH). This protection takes place under the enzymatic action of the detoxification enzyme glutathione S-transferase (GST), which is responsible for the conjugation of toxic species to GSH. Tretinoin may be described as a retinoic acid, classified as a keratolytic agent, which is partly used to formulate the Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream and has been formed from the oxidation of the aldehyde group of retinene to a carboxyl group.
Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream should be applied preferably once daily in the evening, but be sure to use this medicated cream exactly as directed, and in the exact quantity that has been prescribed by your health care professional. The duration of application of this medicated cream depends on how you react. Furthermore, it is also necessary that you consult your health care professional pertaining to the use of this Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream in children.
It is important for to patient to know that prior to the use of Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream; they must inform their health care professional if they have a history of allergic reactions towards Hydroquinone and/or Tretinoin. Furthermore, Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream is strictly meant for external usage only. It is important to avoid bringing this medicated cream in contact with one`s eyes or mucous membranes. Lastly, while using Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream, exposure to sunlight or UV light will cause pigmentation of the bleached area(s) to occur again.
Store Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream at room temperature (between 99 to 86 degrees F or 15 to 30 degrees C) and away from excess heat and moisture. Furthermore, you must also be sure to throw away any Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream that has gotten outdated or is no longer required. You must speak with your pharmacist or health care professional about the proper disposal of this medicated cream.
Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream is used in the treatment of gradual bleaching of hyper pigmented skin conditions, such as Chloasma, melasma, freckles, senile lentigines and other unwanted areas of melanin hyperpigmentation.
Be sure to consult your health care professional or pharmacist for more information, since Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream is sometimes prescribed for other uses.
In case of an overdose of Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream, call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call local emergency services at 911.
Your health care professional will order certain laboratory and/or medical tests to be performed to check your response to Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream, monitor your progress and check for side effects. You must be sure to keep all appointments with your health care professional and the laboratory. Do not let anyone else use your medication and ask your health care professional or pharmacist any questions you have about refilling your prescription. Furthermore, if you need to undergo any kind of surgery, including dental surgery, or you conceive whilst using of Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream inform your health care professional. You must be sure to inform your health care professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning to conceive. The safety of this medicated cream during pregnancy and in the case of children (under the age of twelve) has yet to be established.
Order Melalong by Ajanta pharma online to cure hyper pigmented skin conditions and makes you look beautiful and adorable among your friends, group, family and Office colleagues.
While on an ongoing course of Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream if you notice any of the symptoms listed below, or any other symptoms which may seem severe or persistent, you must contact your health care professional. Sometimes, Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream may cause the patient to experience drying, fissuring of paranasal and infraorbital areas, erythema, stinging and occasional hypersensitivity (localized contact dermatitis). Occasional hypersensitivity (localized contact dermatitis) may develop. If this occurs, medication should be discontinued and the physician notified immediately.
If you are on an ongoing course of Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream before you commence using any new medication (either prescription or OTC), you must first consult your health care professional or pharmacist. Furthermore, you must be sure to inform your health care professional if you are allergic to Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream or any other medication in any other form. Your health care professional must also be informed if you are taking any other medication in any other form whilst on an ongoing course of this medicated cream.
It is important that you do not apply Melalong (Hydroquinone Tretinoin) cream twice, to make up for a mssed application, unless you have consulted your health care professional